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take your brands sampling & marketing to the next level

By using proteinBOT, supplement companies can bring their new formulas and flavours right onto the gym floor of some of the biggest retail chains worldwide without having to invest in physical packaging saving valuable time and money

By using our 3D modeling capabilities companies can have their product concepts on screen and ready to sample immediately. With real time customer feedback companies can change flavours, potencies and sweeteners and formulate a perfect product!

Fact / branding

the proteinBOT 9000 is the most advanced german made on demand nutrition system you can buy today. With infinite customization possibilities it can become your brand & turbo charge it.

Machine / marketing

brand everything

The aesthetics of proteinBOT are incomparable. The harmonious and sharp design features an eye-catching and intuitive interface.

It has great visual impact through the use of motivational fitness nutritional graphics and moreover, when connected to the internet, proteinBOT transforms into an entertainment, information, news & marketing powerhouse and much more than that.

Front Panel Branding

Make proteinBOT your own. By customizing the front panel with your company colors or using the monitor to display your own graphic content, clients and colleagues will associate your corporate image with quality protein shakes.

Silicon Wristbands

Take your customer’s engagement to the next level. proteinBOT “chip” enabled catchy wristbands, co-branded with your gym chain can be used by your customers on any participating proteinBOT machine, anywhere in the world.


For customers who are uncomfortable with flashy wristbands and don’t want to carry chip cards in their pocket, we offer co branded proteinBOT keyfobs in various colours. These smart key fobs can be used by your customers on any participating proteinBOT machine, anywhere in the world.

Full HD Touchscreen

When the proteinBOT is not in use, it’s full high definition capacitive touchscreen could be turned into powerful live media powerhouse. Gym chains could make extra revenues from third parties in the form of paid advertorials, news, marketing, screensavers and live streaming of various health, bodybuilding and fitness shows.

Side Panel Branding

We drape side panels of proteinBOT into your own colour palette, as desired by you using high quality permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive in extremely catchy colours with high fastness to drive maximum sales.

Machine / sampling & marketing

superior sampling

state of the art german engineering when combined with your product lines brings you to that next level of marketing impact.

Test new flavors and formulations

Have a great idea or a cracking new flavour in mind that can crack open new markets for you? How about about getting it from lab to customer within 24 hours? proteinBOT serves as a powerful tool to put your ideas into trial and ultimately into mass production registering a live feedback from thousands of customers right when it matters the most.

Branding / advertising

total gym branding

own all products sold in a gym with a total gym branding marketing option.

Side panels, front panel and high definition capacitive touchscreen offer a plethora of choices to run animations, pictures and full HD videos to drape entire machine into your gym colours.

advertising network

with our every growing network of machines we can advertise your brand on a lot of screens.

There is no better way to get your brand moving inside the brain of a gym rat. Be it promotional or motivational videos by your gym brand ambassadors or catchy infographics or sampling out new products, not only your potential customers would love to try your products first hand, but they will get hooked to it and glued to and would be waiting the next official updates from your company.

Distribution / speed

instant product distribution

We can load your unique brands formulation to our machines instantly to get you out ahead of the competition and into the hands of your consumers.

How about sampling out “soon to be released formula in 3 months” in 3 days flat and get ahead of the game? By phasing out physical packaging and investment of thousands of euros, supplement companies can get their formulas directly from the lab into the machine, place them in the big gyms with big footwalls and instantaneously enjoy the feedback and get get going into next phase of releasing actual product, saving both time and money.

order your protein BOT 9000 & upgrade your brands potential